My name is Negin Jahanmiri. I am a Product Designer, Amateur Photographer, Left-Handed Typographer, and a Dreamer… As a little girl I used to take things apart to see how they were made. I was more interested in the boxes that my dolls would come in than the actual dolls. I was fascinated by symbols, languages, and human behavior. I invented my own secret written language, called Neginese, when I was 13, which I still write with today. I truly believe that every product has a story to tell and I have made it my mission to tell that story in a user-friendly and visually appealing way. I have my users on my mind every step of the way.
I have worked in technology, fashion, entertainment, finance, education, advertising, e-commerce, health & fitness, auto, publishing, and travel industry and I have found joy in every project that I have ever done from print, brand identity, and marketing, to web, mobile applications, mobile web, and virtual environment. I have extensive knowledge of web standards, browser capabilities, best practices in user-centered design, and the creative insight to take projects and concepts and apply these standards to create fresh, clean, creative, user-friendly products.
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